Pre-departure oreantation

If you wish to live in the Universities' accommodation, you must apply for this in advance. Thus, as soon as you have an offer, ensure that you also check this bit of information at least. Check out and buy your insurance, do your medicals, buy forex, attend a pre-departure briefing (Girnar Global hold pre departure program for all students) and get answers to questions like how to open a bank account, what is the life going to be like, about food, etc. Ensure that you also book your tickets as soon as you get your visa (or at least block book it) because most students would be travelling at the same time like yourself (evidently) and there might just be some rush. You should also try and get in touch with students who who are already studying at the Universities you have selected. They are very useful and helpful too when you ask them some questions about the place, the university, the cost involved, etc. Online networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and such could be very useful during these times. Again, please understand select your sample correctly. Eg. You must explain to the student you are talking about what you think and your plans. Do not blindly accept it. Because they may have had different plans altogether when they would have decided to study at their Institution. Also, please ask more than one student at a specific university to ensure more students have similar opinions or not.

  1. Assist client in assessment/ evaluation of their qualification from the professional bodies and/or educational institutions in the country of immigration.
  2. Advise Client on immigration laws in force and any subsequent changes thereof and advising on any subsequent conditions applicable to meet the selection criteria
  3. Provide Professional Guidance on his / her intended occupation in the destination country
  4. Provide basic information about the destination country
  5. Prepare, orient and condition clients through Employment Readiness Course for their early settlement in the destination country after the client clears the Interview at the processing visa office or gets Interview Waiver for immigration to the destination country.
  6. Assist them in preparing resume as per international standard format as required by employers