Australian Scholarships

Australian Universities provide wide range of scholarships to International meritorious students which help them to fund their studies. Scholarships are totally on the basis of the student’s academics. Scholarship covers tuition fees and may also cover the living expenses and travel.

  1. Scholarships for coursework program mostly covers part of the tuition fees however, research programs provides funding up to 100% for tuition fee and good amount of money to cover living expenses.
  2. Apart from the university and college scholarships, Government scholarships are also available for international student. The criteria of the Government scholarship is quite competitive as compare to the university scholarships. As the numbers of applications received are very high, it is advisable to apply quite in advance to get timely response.

General criteria of university scholarships: Scholarships are being offered on the basis of the academics,

  1. High Academics
  2. Extracurricular activities
  3. Social work
  4. Engineering programs-
  5. Req-60%-70% in year 12th /graduation
  6. Amount-AUD 2000-AUD 7,000
  7. Information Technology programs-
  8. Requirement- 60%-70% in year 12th /or graduation
  9. Amount- AUD 2000 to AUD 10,000
  10. Requirement- 60%-70% in year 12th /or graduation
  11. Business programs
  12. Amount- AUD 2000 up to 50%

Universities may consider you automatically for scholarship however few universities require successful admission and few more documents before they consider you for scholarship.

Here is a list of Indian and international scholarships with relevant description. Most of them are available currently while some have tentative deadlines. The eligibility to apply for any scholarship may vary in terms of various factors like age, gender, institution, courses, location and academic excellence.

• University Of South Australia - Vice Chancellor's International Excellence Scholarship • Deakin University - Deakin Internationalization Scholarships