A. CAE – Test Format

The CAE exam has 5 modules. The objective of these papers is to judge the ability of a candidate on the key skills such as Listening, Writing, Reading and Speaking. To measure the skills of Grammar and Vocabulary, the CAE exam has an additional paper called “Use of English”.

1. Reading 1 hr. 15 mins.

34 questions over 4 sections

A variety of text types are used including articles from newspapers, magazines, journals, extracts from books (fiction and non-fiction), promotional and informational materials.

The types of tasks used include multiple choice, matching and a gapped text task where candidates read a text from which six paragraphs have been removed and placed in a jumbled order.

2. Writing 1 hr. 30 mins.

2 Tasks

Task 1 compulsory – Candidates write an article, a report, a proposal, or a letter based on the material of up to 150 words.
Task 2 choice based – Candidates must complete one task from a choice of five. Two of the five questions are based on a set of reading texts.

3. Use of English 1 hr.

50 questions over 5 parts.

The test uses a variety of tasks: multiple choice, gap-fill, word formation, key word transformation and gapped sentences. Requires candidates to demonstrate their ability to apply their knowledge of English vocabulary and grammatical structures.

4. Listening 40 mins.

30 questions over 4 sections.

The questions include multiple choices, sentence completion and multiple matching. Candidates must answer questions after listening to either short monologues or interacting speakers.

5. Speaking 15 mins

The Speaking test uses a paired format where two candidates are assessed by two trained Cambridge ESOL examiners.

One examiner acts as an ‘interlocutor’ and conducts the test, while the second examiner acts as an assessor and does not join in the conversation.

The Speaking test requires candidates to carry out a range of speaking tasks:

a. Each candidate has a short conversation with the interlocutor about themselves and subjects from daily life.
b. Each candidate then has a 1-minute turn where they are asked to make comparisons, express opinions, describe and speculate about visual stimuli.
c. Both candidates are asked to engage in conversation together while completing a collaborative task. They must then engage with the interlocutor in a wider discussion about the completed task.

B. CAE – Test schedule

There are various dates available to take CAE test every month for you to take C1 Advanced. The test schedule of CAE exam can be downloaded from respective site.

You can register for the exam one week earlier

It is easy to register, and you can sign up for a computer-based exam as little as one week before you take it.

CAE exam can be taken on separate days, section wise

You take the Reading and Use of English, Writing and Listening papers on the same day. The Speaking paper may, however, be taken a few days before or after the exam.


Where is CAE recognized?

The General English exams like FCE, CAE and CPE are recognized throughout the world. Various schools, colleges and employers accept the score of CAE.

How do I enroll for this exam?

Under the guidance of your teacher or by subscribing to the updates of the exam, you can learn the dates to enroll yourself for the exams. In order to take CAE exam you will have to enrol yourself at one of the 2,000 examination centres that Cambridge English has throughout the world.

How much do the test costs?

It varies from location to location. You can get to know about the fees from the Local Secretary at the center concerned.

When do I get my results?

Results are declared after 6 weeks of the exam.