For Students

The best way to predict the future is to create it.
           -Abraham Lincoln

At Girnar Global, we realize how one wrong move can ruin a student’s career leaving him/ her with no choice than to live with unfulfilled dreams. Because we understand that there is no pain greater than living with unfulfilled dreams, our team is driven by a common mission that is to help students realize their dreams and goals. Having said that, every member of our team is committed to helping students realize their true potential and getting matched to the best institution depending on their interests and career objectives by offering them career counseling services.

CAREERlink: 5 Stages of Career Counseling

We offer services for career guidance and counseling on higher studies, possibilities, chances and nature of courses and institutes. Given below are 5-stages that we follow while conducting career counseling:

1. Initiation

a. Getting to know the student. Develop a strong working relationship between student and counselor.
b. Complete Career Counseling Intake Form by parents and children. Create hope, assess presenting issues, access motivation for change.
c. Increasing student’s awareness of career planning process.
d. Building therapeutic alliance with parents and student.

2. Exploration

a. Assist the student in gathering a detailed analysis of who he/she is and what they have to offer.
b. Analyzing the student through tests that cover facets such as social behavior, personality, psychometric and career interests.
c. Information interviewing, Relational networking, Job shadowing and work experience.
d. One to one interaction to discover a path that maximizes talents and interests.

3. Decision Making

a. Bringing student and parent to a common fruitful platform.
b. Prevent perceived barriers from pre-maturely ruling out options.
c. Selecting the most appropriate option from a range of alternatives
discovered till date.

4. Preparation

a. Develop an action plan.
b. Develop pre-requisite skills and identify resources available and/or needed
for implementation.
c. Identify back up plans and prepare for uncertainty.

5. Implementation

a. Executing the career plan with the help of a counselor.
b. Ensuring work done as per timelines decided.

CAREERlink Additional Services and Training Modules

Confidence Building and Creating Opportunities

A session that emphasizes the importance of creating opportunities and
helps you go through this learning. Inspired by Dr. Krumboltz Happenstance
theory, this will change the way you see life around you.

Public Speaking

Art of speaking in public is an expert module that gives you a unique way of
breaking the barrier of fear and come out as an expert speaker.

Business English

A lot of times we do not understand the business language used by business
channels, articles and in office. Take a quick session to get yourself acquainted
with the business world.


Dermatoglyphics is the scientific study of ridged skin patterns found on fingers,
palms, toes and soles. It helps students in the future building, selection of subject
and stream, differentiate interest and intelligence of your child, knowing the
balance between right and left brain and pathway/ guideline to secure career.

Myers Briggs Tests

The Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment is a psychometric
questionnaire designed to measure psychological preferences in how people
perceive the world and make decisions. Out of the four principal psychological
functions– sensation, intuition, feeling and thinking – one is dominant for a
person most of the time.

SWOT Analysis

A private one to one session to understand all four quadrants: strengths,
weaknesses, opportunities and threats to an individual and create a plan to
make the best use of the information.

Time Management

A sure shot formula of disciplining your child and engrave the importance of
discipline through some activities and techniques.

Bridging gap between you and your child (for Parents)

Most parents think it’s not required and yet the statistics tell us that 87% of
child and parent relationships go through adolescence communication and
expectation gap. Through this private one to one session, you will see both of
you coming at the same platform soon. It’s about knowing why your child
behaves in a certain way and what can make you gel and/or come to a common

Additional sessions include Team Building, Job Interview training, Stress Management.