Institutional Services

Girnar Global offers a wide range of institutional services to make it quicker and convenient for institutions to execute the admission process for Indian students.

A list of our services include:

1. Student Recruitment

We recruit students on the behalf of various academic institutions for them to act as student ambassadors and represent different universities and colleges in order to promote foreign education.

2. Document Verification

For the institutions located in far-off regions, it might not be feasible to verify the documents that are submitted by study abroad applicants seeking admission in foreign universities.

We understand how critical the process of document verification is and therefore, we have a dedicated team of members who assist partner institutions in establishing the credibility of the documents submitted by prospective students.

3. Marketing Intelligence

There are many institutions who are interested in having a market survey conducted on their behalf in order to extract information related to emerging trends and interests of both parents and students as far as the choice of study destination, university and course go.

We have all the available resources and a successful history of conducting many such surveys and formulating reports that have helped numerous institutions design courses and market themselves in a manner that can help them attract students in large numbers.

4. Inter-institutional tie-ups

For institutions who are looking at tie-ups with regional or local institutions and universities for affiliation or other reasons, we can be your excellent resource for making that happen and helping you achieve your business and marketing objectives in the local market.

5. Outsourcing Services

For institutions looking at outsourcing any of their academic or admission related services, we can be your one-stop solution for all your needs. Right from processing applications, shortlisting candidates to conducting interviews and verifying documents and to granting admissions, we can do it all on your behalf, thereby, simplifying things for you and making them cost-effective.

6. Credibility Interviews

We help institutions determine the credibility of an applicant by conducting an interview on their behalf. Since we are based out of the local market and have an experience of more than a decade in doing the same, you may outsource this critical task of the application processing to Girnar Global and rely completely on our work.

7. Application Processing

Application processing is indeed a daunting and cumbersome task. It demands a lot of expertise, time and resources for the results to be accurate and satisfactory. One wrong move can lead to the rejection of a deserving candidate and at the same time acceptance of a wrong candidate.  We have a team of members who are specialized in doing this task and you may, therefore, outsource this service to us in order to make right decisions and avoid unnecessary expenses.