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Career link: 5 stages of Career Councelling

The Internet is flooded with many alluring study aboard options but finding a right institute that perfectly syncs as per your requirements is certainly a daunting task. Girnar Global’s expert team of professionals and certified career counselors will help you explore the best suitable option from a pool of endless choices.

The career counselor will study your profile and requirements such as subject interest, budget, country, university, climate etc. Thereafter, the most suited tentative list of all shortlisted best options (universities/ courses/ countries) is prepared depending on the inputs.

Our expert study abroad consultants are working round the clock to make your immigration a smooth and rewarding experience. We follow a five-stage career counseling procedure.

1. Initiation:

  • Getting to know the student. Develop strong working relationship between student and counselor.
  • Complete Career Councelling intake Form by parents and children. Create hope, assesss presenting issues, access motivation for change
  • Increasing student's awarness of career planning process.
  • Building therapeutic alliance with parents and student.

2. Exploration:

  • Assist the student i gathering a detailed analysis of who he/she is and what they have to offer
  • Analyzing the student through tests that cover facets such as social behavior, personality, psychometric and career interests
  • Information interviewing, Relational networking, job shadow and work experience.
  • One to one interaction to discover a path that maximizes talents and interests

3. Decision Making:

  • Bringing student and parent to a common fruitful platform
  • Prevent previced barriers from pre-maturely rulling out options
  • Selecting the most appropriate option from range of alternatives discovered till date

4. Preparation:

  • Develop an actoin plan
  • Develop pre-requisite skills and identify resources available and/or needed for implementaion.
  • Identify back up plans and prepare for uncertainty

5. Implementation:

  • Executing the career plan with the help of counselor.
  • Ensuring work done as per timeline decided.