PTE Test Format

PTE test is a three-hour long test session. To take the PTE test, you need to register and go to a respective test center.

You will be provided with certain equipment during PTE test

You will be provided with a computer and a headset to get through all the test modules. The speaking and writing modules are combined in one session and listening and reading are combined up in another session.

The format of questions in PTE test 

There are twenty types of question formats, such as MCQs, essay writing, reading out the sentences, choosing a proper word. You will have to draw graphs, draft summaries, excerpts, and many other practical things.

PTE-A Speaking Module

Part 1 of the test (Speaking & Writing)

The speaking module of PTE tests your speaking, listening, and writing skills. Your speaking skills are judged by asking you to repeat the sentences spoken in an audio clip, respond to the questions asked, and summarize the passages on academic topics.
In Speaking section, you are expected to introduce yourself. This section demands you to listen to each of the questions very carefully to answer it into the microphone.

PTE-A Reading Module

The reading section of the PTE exam contains passages and questions based on them to test your reading skills. For each question, you will have to read the instructions very carefully before answering it.

PTE-A Listening Module

Your listening skills are tested by asking you questions on the narrated paragraph.