• When is the right time to apply for study abroad scholarships?

The deadlines for study abroad scholarships vary depending on the university, course and scholarship you wish to apply for. Thus, you need to stay on top of these deadlines so as not to lose out on them as they can help you secure funds that can drastically reduce the cost of your education.

  • What are the different types of scholarships available for study abroad students?

There are different types of scholarships available depending on your qualifications and academic profiles. There are scholarships that are based on merit and then there are scholarships that get awarded on the basis of financial needs of students. The merit-based scholarships could be awarded for exceptional academic performances, artistic abilities or other unique personality traits.

  • Is there any eligibility criterion for these scholarships?

While you may find a number of scholarships that are open to students of all types, there are scholarships targeted towards students coming from specific regions. Furthermore, there are certain scholarships available with specific guidelines.

  • What are my chances of gaining a scholarship?

There are a large number of students always trying to get funds for their overseas education. The scholarships are competitive indeed. There is no substitute for a strong profile when it comes to getting a scholarship grant. Also, you must clearly express your ambitions and goals to the admission council if you really wish to enhance your chances of gaining a scholarship.

  • How do I apply for a scholarship?

You need to submit your scholarship application and other documents along with your application. A list of required documents may include transcripts of your grades, personal essays and recommendation letters. What you must remember is that the supporting documents are an integral part of your application and you must, therefore, not overlook them.

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