Visa Services

Girnar Global offers a wide range of visa services to its clients. Quite often, visa application is considered as a process that can be done from home. Even though most of the embassies have information laid down on their websites but there always remain a set of questions that come in a grey area and need the help of an expert.

Girnar Global with its 15 years of expertise in dealing with visas for more than 24 countries understands the visa procedures of all countries. Our experts will provide you with sample formats of documents required for the visa file and our visa-legal team carefully goes through the visa file to ensure that no errors are committed. It is pertinent to note that many embassies take credibility interviews of the students and many times this becomes a very important decision-making factor. Girnar Global helps you at every stage so as to ensure best success rates.

Visa Services

You may find below the list of visa services offered by Girnar Global:

  1. Student Visas
  2. Dependent Visas
  3. Family Visas
  4. Tourist Visas
  5. Investor Visas

Student Visas

Every student who wishes to study abroad has to apply for student permit or visa for getting a legal entry into the host country. These countries assess the visa application based on various factors such as the intent of entering the country, financial support and stability, academic profile of the student, relevance of the intended study program compared to previous history etc. Student visa rules vary for students who wish to go for schooling, undergraduate, postgraduate and research programs. Also, there are separate rules for students and professional seeking short-term programs.

Girnar Global can help you prepare a file best suited to the requirements of the host country. For detailed visa counseling,  you may kindly contact us.

Dependent Visas

You can have your spouse join you in the host country as a dependent. This category of visa is called Dependent Visa. There are many categories of this visa depending on your visa status in the host country. For eg, a student studying in a foreign country can invite his/ her spouse on a student dependent visa after getting married. Similarly, this can be done if you have received your permanent residency or citizenship in the host country. There are many tricky elements in this visa process as the embassy wants to ascertain that the student who is inviting his or her partner is financially stable, has a good track record, has police clearance and obeyed the laws of the country. In addition, the embassy also verifies the same information at the dependent’s end and considers the intent of marriage and profile of the dependent.

Girnar Global can help your spouse apply for this visa and give step-by-step guidance on the process.

Family Visas

Your parents can join you in your host country through a visa called Family visa or parent dependent visa. Generally, parents visa comes in the lowest priority of all dependent visas by most countries and these visas, therefore, take more time than other dependents such as spouse or kids. Family Visa entitles the parents or a single parent to permanently settle with their family in their host country. Girnar Global will help your parents apply for this visa and give step-by-step guidance on the process.